In January 2017, the first 'how-to' book from the FLOOS collective was released to critical acclaim. 

'The Crafters Secret, The Flower Book' featuring exclusive step by step work of floral artist Joseph Massie, alongside top international floral Masters, including:

Brigitte Heinrichs
Carles Fontanillas
Daniel Santamaria
Natalia Zizko
Berit Skjottgaard Laursen
Alex Segura
Bea Beroy

Over 268 pages, 24 detailed step-by-step projects are explained in detail by this collection of Master Floral Artists, with each project translated in each English, Spanish and Russian.

Produced in an exclusive print run of 2000 copies only, the book has very nearly sold out, with only a handful of copies remaining avialable for purchase. Currently, we have less than ten copies remaining for sale in our store.