Joseph x The Slow Flowers Podcast

April brought many exciting events that my team were honoured to work on, with the highlight most definitely being our 2 weeks spent in the USA, between our bio coastal projects; firstly at the Boston museum of Fine Arts and secondly in Seattle, where I was delighted to teach at Tobey Nelson’s Whidbey Island Flower workshop. During my time at Whidbey Island Flower workshop I was excited to find meet with Debra Prinzing, of the Slow Flowers movement. I'd previously met Debra during Detroit Flower Week over 2 years ago where my team and I created our largest installation to date in the Detroit Public Library. Debra is an industry icon - having given lectures in every major flower and garden show in the US and Canada. A talented author, she has influenced many through the material she posts regularly on her blog and book ‘Slow Flowers’. 



During our time at the Whidbey Flower Workshop Debra and I took the opportunity to record an issue of the Slow Flowers Podcast about my career into the world of flower art, disecting the business side of the industry, the benefits of being a slow learner, and a tonne of things beside.

Be sure to head over to Debra’s website on the link below to listen into our podcast and find more information about the Slow Flowers movement. I’m sure you’ll be smitten with Debra and her work just as much as we are.

Listen to Joseph on the Slow Flowers Podcast Here