JM School : Favourite Things - Ranunculus

In life, we believe its a good thing to celebrate what you love. With this firmly in mind, we're launching our Favourite Things series with a true seasonal bloom - the stunning Ranunculus.  The beautiful Ranunculus, commonly known as a Persian Buttercup, is such a beautiful versatile spring flower, available in a range of jewel toned blooms, packed with paper thin petals that swirl so elegantly to create a perfect rosette shaped bloom.

Available in a huge range of colours; yellow, pink, white, burgundy, orange, red, and green to name just a few, we find ourselves drawn to the more subtle varieties - the blush folds of 'Hanoi' being a particular favourite, along with the browny, russet hues of 'Pauline Chocolate'.




When it comes to caring for Ranunculus blooms, you'll find the stem on the ranunculus is soft, hollow and best cut with a sharp florist blade on a 45 degree angle to prolong the vase life, the stems seep sap into the water once cut so it is best to change the water as often as every 2 days, making sure you add flower food to the fresh water. As ranunculus petals are so delicate you should never mist the blossoms with water as this will encourage fungal growth and rot. 




At Joseph Massie Flowers, we love using Ranunculus - they are especially beautiful paired with other spring flowers or even just simply arranged en masse, ton-sur-ton, they add luxury to a simple spring mix.

When we are working with Ranunculus we like to process them by keeping the paper wrap around the bunch while we cut the stems, this tends to keep the stems nice and straight for our work, else wise, you’ll find that the stems will naturally curve towards the light.


Eden Spring292.jpg


Available from late October through to April, and sometimes even May, Ranunculus are a true seasonal beauty, one that should be appreciated wholeheartedly when they're available. Packed with character, their elegant stems, and insanely meaty blooms pack a punch in any arrangement - we're big fans of sneaking them into a bouquet, even when not explicitly requested. Enjoy these beauties best from February - April when the Italian grown delicacies come into play. You won't be disappointed.