JM Flowers : Feeling Green

Green, for once, is hot. As more and more of us have an inherent desire to welcome a piece of nature into our busy lives, verdant tones are being used by architects and designers across many platforms as a firm choice going into 2018.  Green is so often seen as a colour that is second to the main event of beautiful blooms, but here at Joseph Massie studios we beg to differ. With a huge scale of tones and textures within the green colour spectrum, we like to think our options are limitless, and one of the many ways to style a green colour story (and one of our favourites!) is within a natural woodland theme ... with a luxurious twist of course. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 10.15.28.png
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For this event, our Joseph Massie Flowers crew teamed together different textural foliages such as Bogonia Rex with its bullseye like leaves and tones of deep and contrasting pale green, readily available, but seldom used, adds an unusual aspect to a styled table. One of Joseph's absolute favourite foliages, the heart shaped Anthurium Clarinervium leaves adorn the charger plates with its deep rich green tone against the rose gold base offering a stark contrast. When styling this event we chose to use handfuls of verdant moss, silver birch t-lights and wooden slices at the base of our copper and rose gold vessels, which were abundantly filled with grasses, succulents and candles, highlighting different aspects and shining a warm glow throughout our moody rich design.

Our team brought freshness and movement to every element of this event, including our chairs, by delicately threading the whippiest Cardiospermum vines through their lime washed backs.


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To halt green from becoming boring, we often include copper, rose gold, or gold within our colour stories, offering a rich and luxurious play on what could be a very boring palette. To this extent taking centre stage is our statement copper trumpet vase filled with bountiful armfuls of foliage filling the space dramatically, with copper and rose gold found embellishing the full length of the table.


Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 10.23.51.png
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These diverse natural elements are brought together and feel incredibly indulgent when styled with our copper charger plates and cutlery, and to finish, we chose to dress the tables in an olive green taffeta linens, custom made by the Joseph Massie team and a perfect addition for this luxurious event, perfectly providing a space to relax with friends, and reconnect to nature. 


Photography : Teresa Cunningham Photography